Sunday, September 24, 2006


What is in a dot? A very deep insight to it would give us meanings that are abstract and out of the box. It is very thought provoking.

Lets say the dot signifies the beginning of life . When I say the beginning of your life, it is when you start from nothing to join the various dots to give it a shape. A shape that moulds life, a shape that defines you as an individual, a shape that represents your thoughts. It is what helps draw you, the way you want to on the empty canvas called life. Dots are a small speck that is unnoticed but provides a meaning like never before.

Or does it represent the end??? Well isn’t this what people say. It’s the full stop. The dot that says chapter ends. Life closed. The End. But does this one dot put an end to all that’s there. The dot is compared to a negative connotation but I say it’s the perception that matters. Its like the half-empty, half-full glass of water. Well at the end of every line, chapter or book is a dot but why do we forget that the beginning is also started with a dot.

A dot is something that is the smallest creation but it’s the small beginnings that end in big things. What I mean by this is no one is born as what they are. Its when you start is when you grow. When you grow you develop and once you develop you are what you are. The whole process starts from a dot. There have been many versions on optimism but very few derive optimism from a dot.

A dot is something that is never thought about or pondered upon. Its used in many forms. A bindi on a girls forehead, a full stop at the end of every sentence, sometimes used while playing, used to make rangolis in Indian households and so many more . All of this when analyzed shows how beautiful one dot can make things and people appear. Its also used as a nazar utaru. In India. It is so that no bad happens. It’s this small dot that radiates so much optimism and goodness all around. Never realized by many.

Life has meanings in such small things. It is nothing but a mystery and amazement in its self that a small thing like a dot has so much meaning to it!


Anonymous Rama Ravi said...

Completely agree with you. There is so much one could infere from a dot. It marks the begining , end or even signifies continuty.

7:52 AM  

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