Thursday, October 19, 2006


Life is a simple four-letter word but way to complex for the human brain to comprehend. They say life is a journey, travel it. The question, how easy is it???

Well there are various people, great men, and visionaries, simple people who give a new meaning to life with reasons unimaginable. A simple situation would add so much you would never have imagined. A deep thought might just shudder the life of you… What’s the darkest imagination???? No one has an answer or must I say it is subjective. It varies with every person, place, situation, and time.
Life is like an abyss. There is no end to where and how it leads. The spectrum encompassing the WH questions forms the basis of this uncomprehendable game-LIFE.

Where in life is a gift as said is called so because it’s a mixture of surprises, happiness, sorrow, relationships and most importantly a journey of self discovery .Its an old saying
what has gone past is history
What is going to arrive is the future
What you have today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present.
This says it all??? Well think again…

They say life and pleasure. It’s vague. Rather a grey area. Some attribute it to the physical state while some to the mental being. Which is true and which is an illusion? Are we to decide or is it all right. Who makes segments and who distinguishes between the correct and incorrect and right and wrong?? These are just certain examples of what the simply complex connection between “ life and pleasure” is.

Life comes with sorrow. Isn’t this an assumption? The humans mind sees what it wants to. Sorrow and disappointment. Are they the same or are they a world apart. If they differ it is in degree. The question again who classifies the degree? I would say that when you say I am unhappy, just look around, to see how fortunate you are. Always remember in terms of pecuniary status and materialistic value look below and when it comes to good deeds and spiritualism look above. This is perhaps easier said than done. The similarity of these situations for many is uncanny.

When do you say I am in love??? This is a rhetorical question. All say it just happened but how? When? Why? Is it a feeling so natural or is it an attraction towards a person who strikes you or is it just an assurance that there is always someone beside you, with you or along with you? Love is another term that involves a plethora of meanings. It could be friendship, parental love; love between siblings etc. would take a lifetime to understand it.

Anger is an emotion that encompasses degree and kind.

At this beginning, as thoughts flow, will just mention that life is short and just too short to understand. Take life like the flow of currents in a river.


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