Sunday, October 22, 2006


Who said answers follow every question…. Who said there was a light at the end of every tunnel? Who said that life has the answers to all problems…it makes us ponder whether there is any truth in what they say. I would say certain questions have no answers. None at all. It is the reply to these questions that is a mystery.

Life is but a mystery. It is a kaleidoscope of happenings. A mixture of emotions, thoughts, people, situations and a way of life. Who knows what the future beholds? What it brings with it and how it changes the course of life. A lot of queries remain unanswered. Man has since his evolution grown and developed to what he is today and as times have progressed he has in the quest for answers discovered, invented and produced his answers. But these answers provided are not even close to the obscurity that runs in the human mind.

Mystery is not just the unanswered question but also the events the take place in the everyday life. How does the brain work similarly in similar situations? Why do people follow a set pattern of working? How come the senses control us? Certain truth in life that cannot be deciphered. When a certain happening occurs, why does it take place the way it does and how is that the reactions that are seen are but similar in most situations? Again, the mystery of life.

How, what and who is God? Something that has caused wars, verbal disputes and taken lives of many. Is he the elements of the nature, is it the belief and good that resides within you or is it a stone you worship and believe or are they God men who are sent at various times to this blessed earth to preach and help people. These questions will remained unanswered for a long time to come since the perceptions and understanding varies from one to another.

Mystery not only lies in the fact that each day something new is spoken about but in the fact that everything is always present in the world but it is only at certain instances that it is found. Why does this happen? Is, a lot that is present hidden from the minds eye or is it that we never notice or heighten it. Again questions that remains unreciprocated.

Mystery is a very vast topic to be thought of since in everything we do or think there is an element of mystery. When a mystery is solved it only has two consequences. It either turns out to be a surprise or it turns to horror. Something that is not subject to precincts. Mystery is a part of all that we can imagine and more.


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