Sunday, October 22, 2006


Change is something all of us long for. It’s a way of life, a mode of being. In the world the only certainty is change. It comes in the smallest of ways. The only reality that cannot be disputed. By no man, by nothing else.

It comes in various forms. It could be a revolution that shakes the very foundation of existence, a small change in the way of living, an alteration in the manner of doing things, a transformation or an amendment. Anything and just about everything can be attributed to change.

A change in a persons income could increase or decrease the standard of living. The way of thinking, the way of looking at life changes. The monetary condition determines more than just what we can imagine. Its not only the change in economic status but also a change in the surroundings that helps a person grow and develop. The growth and development can either be positive or negative. In the end it’s the way a person wants to be. The way he looks at living.

As we grow we are fed with ideas and thoughts and develop a certain outlook. With every passing year, a progress in the way being. As years pass we collect more knowledge, are more aware of the current affairs and are brought to terms with reality. Something that hits hard when brought to light. And as we grow, we transform and develop a certain flat mindset. The perception of life changes at every stage of life. With this we change as people, seek a change in surroundings and also look out for certain attributes in life. All this brings bout what is called a change in life. This is probably why people who see us after a break see a change in all that we do, well almost every thing we do.

The reason memories grow is due to the change in circumstances and the individual we grow to be. With every passing phase we see so much, learn with every step we take and are nurtured with every situation we face. I would term the entire process as change. Memories signify the process of change; remind us from what we were to what we are. It is the certain driving force that can change the course of life when perceived in different lights. Again, a change!

A change is a difference in itself. As times progress change becomes inevitable. From the use of telephones to the development of pagers and the mobiles to the present day palmtops and ipods, all that we see seems an ocean of change. Till sometime back we saw that getting out of the country seemed the in thing but now travel abroad seems just a road away, specially after the advent to moon and mars. How times change. This is probably the biggest mystery unsolved. What seems to be reality at present tends to look like an illusion as time passes.

Change is what we can see, feel, hear and taste. I would say it is one of those few words that can be associated with all the five elements. Something rare and stunning. Think about it and………..


Anonymous Rohit said...

ppl say that my english is "good". only wen they read this article will they know how blissfully wrong they are!! Bravo!!
simply splendid!!


1:06 AM  
Anonymous Nethra said...

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are - Bertorlt Bercht

2:52 AM  

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