Saturday, October 28, 2006


The human mind is very complex and dynamic. It wanders from one thought to another. This is when it seeks solitude. An inner calm to be precise. When thoughts flow, we flow along taking with us the power of action and reason. It’s the process of self-discovery.
This is when we desire to be by ourselves.

It’s the time you spend alone that gets your mind in action, to ponder bout the complexities of life and the things around us. This is when we think of situations we can handle, of the day spent, of the mistakes we can rectify, the times filled with joy and laughter and so on. In short, an introspection into the way of being. But is all this being alone or being lonely???

Well being lonely in the literal terms is being all alone. Without friends or foes, near and dear. But what if they’re all present and you chose to stay away?? Is that being lonely too?? One wonders. It’s either out of chance or choice. It is how we perceive it. It is a road we tread to be the way we want to. Even when all of us are happy and content there are times of low when we seek to stay by ourselves and wish for things unsaid. Times where thoughts uncalled for percolate through you.

Many great writers, painters and other respected men have chosen to remain unaccompanied while delivering to the world a piece of exquisite work that is honoured even today. Has been honoured through centuries. With examples like Shakespeare and Einstein, what could compliment the state of being lonely any further.

People often question if being lonely is the right thing. If it be similar to solitary confinement for a while. Is it right to be a recluse? I would say it is subjective. It is the comfort level that determines how happy or content you are. If being lonely helps then so be it. One of the perceptions that second being lonely.

Lonely, the state of agony and pain where there is no one to escort you, to understand you or even someone you can relate to. It is at this time that the want for people grows and the people you left behind to move forward in life are valued maximum. The need for warmth and care is at the pinnacle when you’re lonely. Even a smile from a stranger can make your day. To know the value of this ask a newly wed bride or a person who has left behind a fortune, a fortune not in terms of money but in terms of the relationships. They would relate to being lonely consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously.

There can be various inferences where lonely is attributed to solitude, abandonment, friendless, alone, isolated, recluse and so on, so forth…..every word has a deep meaning to it, a deep thought, a valid deliberation.

It is moments that decide who and what we are. When we are lonely it is then that we learn to grow to be a stronger, self reliant, self-dependant person. I say this because when we are lonely we are at a state where flipping would be the easiest way out. It is when we remain rooted is that defines us as an individual. That assures us a character. Overcoming or using loneliness and moving ahead in life is what determines success in life where it is about I, me, myself. The present way of life.

Loneliness is a power and virtue. Capitalizing on it will teach you to live and instill the power to grow and travel ahead. The road to development.


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