Saturday, October 28, 2006


What in human terms are limits? It’s very difficult to comprehend and fix a certain definition or draw a boundary. It is something that has varied perceptions and diverse meanings. What may seem the pinnacle for one may just be the top of the tree for another where the sky is the limit.

It would be right to say that limits are a state of mind. What seems an impossible task may just be accomplished by one thought that nothing is impossible. Limits are not pre existent but created. It is something that is manmade. It is not difficult to merge the can and cant. The difference being the limit can be blurred. It is the perception of a person.

Many people have phobias of different sorts and kinds. Some are uncomfortable with animals, some with darkness, some with very crowded spaces and so on. For people to fight the phobia is a limit. The extent to which they test themselves to fight their fear could be called their limits. A test of endurance is also a limit. When your time is not yours and things seem haywire and against you, it’s your fortitude that’s the limit. A certain level of stress beyond which we break, the certain level is the limit.

When limits they say can stretch, they mean it’s the extent to which a person widens, grows and is ready to face a situation. Limits are set by people to achieve a certain goal and once achieved the limit extends further. The extension is limitless. Every person grows with every limit that is touched, with every limit surpassed and every limit conquered. Growth is subjective and every time the frontier of life is tested, and successfully overcome, it signifies the growth of a person and the victory over the limit.

Limit is the boundary, the perimeter, the frontier, and the edge, the maximum and ultimate level. All this is heard and faced by everybody in their life at different situations and times. The similarities in situations of many are uncanny. It is how you come out of this that determines you as a person. Evaluates you as an individual and concludes success. When we overcome the confinement is when we face the harsh realities of life and the way we handle and face this is what values us as beings.

Limits are positive and negative. It is wrong to define limits when it comes to the values, ethics, morals and other essentials to live the life to the best since the more you stretch the farther you get but it would be right to set limits in situations beyond which you know there is nothing to realize. Its good to dare but to dare to death would be futile.

Limits are only found in the mortal, physical self. The soul and beyond faces no such boundaries since it knows that limits are but a mere illusion. A farce so to say. There is no such thing as unachievable. Nothing is impossible. All it needs is hard work and determination. It is the focus like Arjuna’s focus on the bird on the tree that will enable passing all extents. Limits are inexistent once it comes to achieving what is ones goal.

A five-letter word like limit makes the person who they are, defines the individual and aids growth, growth both physically and psychologically. We evolve as stronger people to make a difference to and from what we were to what we are. It’s to challenge the limit that excites the normal life. It’s this challenge that keeps us on the move to achieve and succeed. Limits are omnipresent.


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