Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Are black and white two sides of the coin, one wonders. It brings about various connotations. It is perhaps the most widely discussed theme. A theme I would call it because it inspires people in various fields. It could be music, art, apparels, shades, writing or anything. These words form the very foundation in many arenas.

It is the cause of racism. No one will dispute that. These two colours brought about a change not only in the outlook of people but also sparked a revolution that changed the face of the world. Situations in the way these colours did their magic were different but the fact that the root cause was black and white is undisputed.

It is said that black signifies the dark and normally is credited to the evil. But has anyone ever wondered why black is beauty and ghosts as said are depicted through white? They say black generates heat since it absorbs colour but how many of us think of the positive aspect that black is one colour where all colours mix to be united and are one. Why is it that the mind sees what it chooses to see? They also say that a black cloth blinds the lady of justice. Never has it been looked at from the aspect that purity lays beneath the black cloth or that the black cloth protects the white eyes so that it can see without any fear.

White is the colour of peace. But it is a colour that brings about the divide in the world. It symbolizes harmony. It very well does, then why is it that at funerals in India white clothes are worn and in order to mourn we use white? Does this not depict agony? They say white is the colour of truth, but then we still call it white-collar crimes. It has the tendency to reflect all light and keeps you cool but doesn’t it mean it is a colour that stands aloof. It rarely mingles. Why is it called superior in a world of equality? No one has the answers to these questions.

When we mix the two we get grey. Grey in terms of the meaning, in terms of the clarity, in terms of the colour, in terms of the emotions. All of this sends across negative currents. Does this signify that there can be no solutions to the problems or no change in outlook towards life and its colours? Or is there a grey line between the two where its not too far before both merge in bliss? It’s difficult to answer or reason.

This keeps us thinking if they stand out and depict their individuality or are they the line of divide in the world. Are they two faces of life or the two sides of the self? How viable is it to just treat them as colours and not look at what they stand for and how they depict it. It makes us wonder or rather confirms to us that every good human has a bad in them and the so called bad human too has a good to him. Never judge a person by just one aspect; it is then that life becomes grey. It is how we perceive the two that makes one individual different from the other.

It’s a world of irony. A world filled with paradox. Nothing is what it seems to be and where the facsimile has a value close to nothing. The meaning is way too profound to decipher. It is mystery such as this that keeps the hungry mind in search for answers.