Monday, February 05, 2007

When people wonder what the world is made up of, there is only one logical conclusion that comes to my mind- the world is made up of various elements. Has anyone ever wondered that a word so small could carry a world of meaning in it.

The world they say is made up of five elements-wind, water, earth, fire and sky. have we ever realised that the worlds being round relates to the presence of the five elements. the earth that forms the foundation, the sky that forms the limit, water that flows downward, fire that raises to the top, and wind that forms a blanket over the four elements. the circle created! interesting isnt it.

Elements could scientifically be defined as basic particles that form the basis of compounds and mixtures.but have we ever imagined that this meaning has more than what just appears to the human does form a basis, a basis of life.

Elements are not just particles but objects, emotions, feelings and a lot more that form the reason to live. elements do not just add years to your life but add life to your years. if you wonder how, its very simple. life is filled with elements of happiness, sorrow, love,pain, thoughts, friends and many more pieces that are put together to form a beautiful sculpture- the sculpture of life.

Elements also signify a time, a time that was lived,a time that lasts you a lifetime. the time element of life is very significant as everymoment is what we perceive it to be and with every passing moment we form what we call memories. memories that form the element of the past that let you relive all that you wanted to. Memories are elements of experience, an experience that helps you grow into someone beautiful and respectable. an experience which helps you rectify your mistakes and implement into your life something more meaningful.

Elements are present at all times and form a part of the whole world around us.something that forms a part of all creations.

Who says elements are simple to understand and decipher???
Elements are simply complex.