Thursday, October 19, 2006


Life is a simple four-letter word but way to complex for the human brain to comprehend. They say life is a journey, travel it. The question, how easy is it???

Well there are various people, great men, and visionaries, simple people who give a new meaning to life with reasons unimaginable. A simple situation would add so much you would never have imagined. A deep thought might just shudder the life of you… What’s the darkest imagination???? No one has an answer or must I say it is subjective. It varies with every person, place, situation, and time.
Life is like an abyss. There is no end to where and how it leads. The spectrum encompassing the WH questions forms the basis of this uncomprehendable game-LIFE.

Where in life is a gift as said is called so because it’s a mixture of surprises, happiness, sorrow, relationships and most importantly a journey of self discovery .Its an old saying
what has gone past is history
What is going to arrive is the future
What you have today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present.
This says it all??? Well think again…

They say life and pleasure. It’s vague. Rather a grey area. Some attribute it to the physical state while some to the mental being. Which is true and which is an illusion? Are we to decide or is it all right. Who makes segments and who distinguishes between the correct and incorrect and right and wrong?? These are just certain examples of what the simply complex connection between “ life and pleasure” is.

Life comes with sorrow. Isn’t this an assumption? The humans mind sees what it wants to. Sorrow and disappointment. Are they the same or are they a world apart. If they differ it is in degree. The question again who classifies the degree? I would say that when you say I am unhappy, just look around, to see how fortunate you are. Always remember in terms of pecuniary status and materialistic value look below and when it comes to good deeds and spiritualism look above. This is perhaps easier said than done. The similarity of these situations for many is uncanny.

When do you say I am in love??? This is a rhetorical question. All say it just happened but how? When? Why? Is it a feeling so natural or is it an attraction towards a person who strikes you or is it just an assurance that there is always someone beside you, with you or along with you? Love is another term that involves a plethora of meanings. It could be friendship, parental love; love between siblings etc. would take a lifetime to understand it.

Anger is an emotion that encompasses degree and kind.

At this beginning, as thoughts flow, will just mention that life is short and just too short to understand. Take life like the flow of currents in a river.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


A normal man would wonder what could you possibly perceive from the grey stone and gravel laid path with a sidewalk. Well its true what could we possibly think of when we look at it, but take a deeper look at it, is that all a road depicts?????

As the phrase goes a long road ahead, there is so much we can pick out of it. A lifetime ahead of you, the journey of life to be traveled, a process of growth and development, the path we tread to reach our destination, a whole world ahead of us! To come to think of it there is more meaning to it than what just appears to the human eye at a glance.
Have we ever thought of what we are going to do in the future and how we are going to achieve it? Well if we have then the one answer that the complex mind thinks of is hard work, determination and the requisites to be fulfilled, in short I would call it the road to be traveled to success. Success is subjective here.

A road inspires many to get ahead in life. Where we think that it’s the end of a road, we must not forget it might just be a curve that seems to be the end. A curve could imply a change in direction, an alteration in the thought process or just a different way of doing the same thing. When we think it’s the dead end and nothing goes beyond, we fail to realize that if we jump the wall the road continues. The only difference is that it’s on the other side of the “dead end”.

There are times in life when we arrive at cross roads. This is when we ought to make a decision- which road to tread. A decision that can, take us to a world totally diverse. Something unexpected, something uncalled for, a world that is a world apart. When we are faced with situations, it’s these situations that determine the kind of beings we are. The road we chose is the path that is preached and worshiped as our temple. We must be very careful when we opt for a certain path. I say this because we live a lifetime on the chosen road. If we believe in karma and moksha, it’s the road we travel that determines it.

As we travel, we meet people, some who form a considerable part of our lives and some insignificant. But with every person we meet we tend to grow and learn. A positive quality or an unconstructive attribute, an idol or just a follower, people who strike you and some who teach us the harsh ways of the world. As it may be, it is what raises us to what we are. We take a lift; it signifies how we seek help in return for something as meager as a kind word or a titanic reward. Nevertheless, the world practices the survival of the fittest. If you can fight it, you survive it. This can be observed when you walk and someone pushes you to get ahead. Never really thought of it, did we……..

Why is it that simple things we encounter while traveling teach us a lifetime? Why is it that the way we grow is attributed to the way we life and the situations we handle? Why is it said that a learned man is the one who has traveled the right path? How is the direction of all this determined? What does all this mean? In short it is just one aspect THE ROAD.

Does every road lead to a different direction or do all roads lead to Rome? Which is right and which is a farce? What do we believe in? all this is but an ambiguity. A small insignificant object called road can keep us wondering and is as grey as is its colour. Isn’t it? Roads - now does it raise questions on all sides of the grey matter?


Art is a complex topic to deal with. It is a word used to describe things with and without meaning. What I mean by this is not only things that are creative are termed as art but also pieces of work that are abstract and meaning derived keeping in mind the connection between something abstract and art.

It is funny that its difficult to classify art into a certain segment. The word “art” has more than what it just seems. A small painting for instance is art and a beautifully carved sculpture is art too and so is a person with physical perfection. The reach of this word is not subject to boundaries. It can describe just about anything and give meaning to the most inane object or the most absurd mixture of colours.

Art is anything creative. Anything that the human mind perceives and is put forth to view is called art. It could be a small piece in literature, a miniature illustration, a weird mixture of shapes, the way of speaking, a perfectly toned body…….. and lots more. Creativity is not just physical but is also the mental status. Must I mention art is the mixture of mens rea and actus rea. In short it’s the idea and implementation of the idea.

The idea is the germ in the head that carries with it the seed of thought. This thought is then spread like a virus which takes the shape of creativity and in order to cleanse your system, you let this virus out which is putting forth of the creativity, which takes a definite shape. This definite shape is called art!

Art is associated with adorning, beautifying and glossing whatever we do. It is a positive connotation and is something that lights up anything pastel. It gives you a sense of inner peace and calm. It is perceived to be the time taken off from the hustle-bustle of the mad race in the world to be yourself, to do what you please, to grow spiritually and otherwise as a human being and most of all to define who you are.

When we hear the word art, we only attribute it to drawing and painting. We never think of the world of dance, theatre, music, writing, speech and other fields. It’s a common misconception that all of this is cultural and not art. But few know that the line between the two is blur. The two can be mixed without a change in its meaning or purpose. This is what is cultural arts.

A person can be judged by the kind of art he has an aptitude for. His mindset can be determined just by taking a look at what art interests him and what he performs. Whats in the mind can be represented the way you want and this is called art. Its an ancient form of character reading through a persons writing, painting and signature. All of which form a critical part of art. Its mind boggling but, true.

Art is not only a way of expressing persons feelings, thoughts and perceptions but a way in which a person can lay down his creativity and talent. It is what enables a person to grow as a whole, to develop to be a better person and to establish his individuality. Its incredible that a small three-letter word has so much to it and can tell you what a person is along with fulfilling the mammoth task of beautifying the world as a whole. A world without art is like life without the drive to live.