Wednesday, November 08, 2006


They say war is an art. How true is this? Whatis the rationale behind it? no one really thinks of this. A war is a negative connotation. Something that in the normal course will be associated with destruction, violence and pandemonium. It is undoubtedly a fight and a fight to achieve.

any brawl is considered unpleasant. if this is the conventional way of thinking, it only depicts the pessimism. a way of life where people are bound by extremism and see nothing but hostilities, unjust practices, inequalities and terrorism. all these feelings start engulfing innocence and optimism. once these emotions perish, what remains is WAR.

if we look at it laterally we will see a fight but this will be a fight for growth, prosperity and peace. every action has a meaning. it could be explicit or implicit. a war need not be a war of mass destruction and end in a catastrophe. it could be a battle in the mind regarding a certain decission to be made that may turn tables in a way unthought of or it could also be a clash of ideas that are intense in nature and could also be a war between countries that are fighting for the betterment of humanity.

when someone leads you in the wrong path, dont be angry because its these paths that will teach you life's greatest truths. we say war is the wrong path, then why do we perceive war as only negative. why do we overlook the morals it give us. they say success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom. it stands true. this is because when you are faced with a situation like war is when you sketch a plan to either end it or get out of it or emerge victorious.when you are successful at this endeavour, is when success is determined. perhaps this is why they call it an art.

war unites people, to fight it. the unity established is never recognised. all kinds and forms of discrimination is detached. a situation where all are one. Has not war given us our leaders and amnesty of all sorts? are these not forms of gifts.

when there is a fight between the heart and the mind and finally a verdict is pronounced, have we ever realised that we grow as people with every pronouncement. we also fail to realise that when there is this internal fight, God gives us an assurance that both our mind and heart is at work and we live and grow.

with every war fought and every battle conquered, the world gets many more leaders, civilisations, and a moral above all. it defines people who survive to live. it is truly a sight to behold and an art to appreciate. Not everything that is faced can be changed and nothing can be changed until it is faced. War helps you face.

Now, think again. Is there a rationale behind sayin WAR IS AN ART........